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Wrapping Machine – A4 Size Sample | Translucent Plastic Film Packaging

on April 11, 2022Recently we have been receiving many inquiries regarding wrapping machine for A4 size samples […]

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Collating Machine | Case Study of Customer in the Logistics and Warehouse Industry

on March 7, 2022Today let us introduce you a case study of a customer in the logistics and warehouse industry. […]

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Wrapping Machine | Demonstration for Mail Order Company

on February 7, 2021Today we would like to introduce a demonstration of wrapping machine for a mail order compa […]

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Collating machine – Demonstration delivered to a mail order company

on January 17, 2022Today we would like to introduce a demonstration of a collating machine for a mail order co […]

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Product Introduction – Automatic Paper Alignment Machine BT-R

on December 1, 2021As many of you may not know, Pressio has a very popular product other than collating machin […]

Case Studies of Collating Machine for Mail Order Industry

Case Studies of Collating Machine for Mail Order Industry

on October 27, 2021Pressio collating machines are useful in the mail order, delivery and logistics industries. […]

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Basic Operation, Maintenance and Troubleshooting of Pressio Collating Machine

on October 11, 2021When we receive inquiries about Pressio products, the most frequently asked question is reg […]

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Case Studies of Wrapping Machine | Utilize Wrapping Machine for In-House Mail for Confidential Documents

on September 27, 2021In banks, schools, and even government agencies Pressio wrapping machines are useful for […]

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Case Studies of Collating Machine for Flyer/Leaflet Distributions

on September 6, 2021Pressio collating machine and wrapping machine can be useful in the business which deliver […]

Case Studies of Wrapping Machine for Flyer distributor, Newspaper, Publishing Industries

on August 2, 2021Pressio flat wrapping machine is useful for flyer distribution, newspapers companies as well. […]

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Case Studies of Collating Machine for Logistics and Printing Industry

on July 15, 2021Pressio collator is available for various papers, such as NCR, calendar, sticker, catalog, pam […]

Newly equipped with a collation program function that allows to select the leaflets for each customer attribute.

on  July 1, 2021In recent years, as represented by the term “big data”, advertising is becoming more diversifi […]

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Product and sales trainings

on June 23, 2021We conducted Pressio product and sales trainings for our distributors (business partners) in 2 […]

Advantages and disadvantages compared to conventional collators

on June 4, 2021We show advantages and disadvantages of Pressio collator compared to other conventional collato […]

The difference between TZR-SC and TZR-SH

on February 4, 2021We are often asked about what are the differences between [ TZR-SC model ] and [ TZR-SH mod […]

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Pressio factory tour for partners and customers

on January 20, 2021 We Pressio has been welcoming you and we are always delighted that we could offer you […]

What is the collator / sorting machine?

September 01, 2016 What is the “ collator / sorting machine “ ? Our collator / paper sorting mahcine can accurately…

What is the “ wrapping machine “ ?

September 02, 2016 What is the “ wrapping machine “ ? Our wrapping machine can accurately wrap pile of…

Where do we manufacture?

October 05, 2016 Where do we manufacture? We’re a Japanese manufacturer, thus we surely have our own factory like this picture It’s located….

China Print (Beijing) 2017

July, 2017 Hello everyone! Today, I will update you on the “CHINA PRINT 2017”, which we participated in early May. CHINA PRINT, held once every….

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