wrapping machine


Flat wrapping

  • Safe and easy to place paper samples(items) in machine
  • The sample does not get curled up, making it easy to read

Pressio’s machine can wrap papers with semi-transparent plastic film

Standard dimensions of material wrapped by Pressio’s machines

Easy air-hole adjustment

  • Can switch between with/without air-holes with the push of a button
  • When in “without air-holes” mode, fully airtight and water proof
  • When in “with air-holes” mode, excess air flows through the air-hole, so the wrapped paper samples (newspapers) can be stacked stably, without toppling over.

Stand (for RV-iXs)

  • Easy to take out pile of samples after it is packed
  • Wheels allow easy movement

Low noise

  • Motor-driven, causing little noise

Stable loading

  • Loading at the height of the hip, allowing easy handling to the next process



prevents newspapers from getting wet from rain, sprinklers, etc.

Flyers and advertisements

wrap several advertisement flyers together to form a set of flyers.


wrap freebies such as teabags, shampoo, and face mask, together with paper flyers.

Examples of our machines in use

Case study:Australia

Client sector:
Newspaper company
RV-8 / wrapping machine
Wrapping of newspaper with plastic film


RV-iXs (horizontal)

RV-iX (vertical)

Original film

Please use our original film, in order to maximize the performance of RV-iXs and RV-iX.

Characteristics, etc.

  • Uses 2 rolls at a time. Wraps around 4,000 units.
  • Each box contains 4 rolls, and each roll is 1,200 meters long.
  • There is also a long-type film, to be used when wrapping thick material.


RV-iXs with the stand
(data for stand on the right)
Stand(for RV-iXs) RV-iX
Direction for inserting paper Horizontal —- Vertical
Processing speed 70 to 85 sets per minute —- 75 to 90 sets per minute
Size and thickness of material that can be packaged 275 x 410mm at a maximum,
0.2mm to 23mm in thickness
—- 275 x 410mm at a maximum,
0.2mm to 23mm in thickness
Film to be used Pressio film (HDPE) —- Pressio film (HDPE)
Exterior size H 472mm 655mm 950mm
W 675mm 660mm 670mm
D 612mm 445mm 380mm
Weight 45kg 20kg 64kg
Power supply AC100V 50-60hz —- AC100V 50-60hz
Power consumption 575w —- 575w


Q1:What size / thickness can it wrap?

A1:Size : Up to 295 mm x 410 mm
Thickness: Up to 23 mm

Q2:What is the wrapping speed?

A2:Standard speed:4,200 packages per hour (5,100 packages per hour at maximum)

Q3:How many packages can be processed from the rolls

A3:3,800 packages per 2 rolls, 7,600 packages from 1 box


We will respond flexibly and promptly to various paper sample wraping needs.
Please send us a sample, and we will test whether our product can process it, and get back to you. Please feel free to contact us.

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