Case Studies of Wrapping Machine | Utilize Wrapping Machine for In-House Mail for Confidential Documents

on September 27, 2021

In banks, schools, and even government agencies Pressio wrapping machines are useful for sending confidential documents by in-house mail.

If someone opens the envelopes wrapped with plastic film by Pressio wrapping machine, the plastic is torn and cannot be rewrapped. This means it is obvious if someone tries to open the in-house mail during its delivery.
Therefore you will be able to send confidential documents by in-house mail without having to worry about someone else opening and seeing them.

Also plastic films are less expensive than paper envelopes.


< Conventional situation >

Usually there are number of confidential documents in banks, schools, and government agencies and those documents are sent by envelopes with tightly sealed sticker so that they cannot be open by someone else.
Once the seal is opened, this kind of envelop cannot be resealed, therefore the recipient will notice if the envelop is opened or not.

These kind of envelopes with a tight seal have a high security level but they are expensive and it takes time to seal manually.

conventional situation

Many companies use the special envelopes shown above for the confidential documents, but it is not cost effective and takes time to seal and unseal.


< If you use Pressio machine >

If the department which sends confidential documents starts using Pressio wrapping machine, employees can wrap the documents quickly and easily allowing them to focus on more important roles. Also by switching to plastic film from paper envelopes, you can reduce costs.

If someone else or a staff from other department opens the plastic film, it is very obvious and the recipient will notice it.

with Pressio wrapping machine

You can reduce the cost and all the employees can focus on more important tasks.


< What are the benefits? >

<Company’s point of view>
-Can reduce the envelope cost, meaning reduction of running cost.
-Can maintain the security level.

<Employee’s point of view>
-Can wrap the confidential documents quickly and easily.
-As a result, can focus on other important tasks.

<Recipient’s point of view>
-Can be prevented from being opened by someone else.
-If opened by someone else, it is noticeable.


< Wrapping size >

wrapping size


< Plastic film roll >

We provide customer with Pressio genuine plastic rolls for our wrapping machines.
In order to maintain the machine quality, please use our genuine plastic rolls.

plastic film roll



< YouTube videos of Pressio wrapping machine >

Pressio wrapping machine


Wrapped image

wrapped sample

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