China Print (Beijing) 2017

July, 2017

Hello everyone!

Today, I will update you on the “CHINA PRINT 2017”, which we participated in early May.
CHINA PRINT, held once every 4 years in China, is known as the largest printing/wrapping event in Asia. It is a big event, with more than 1,000 participants each time.
This year, the event was held in the capital city, Beijing! We exhibited a sorting machine and 2 types of wrapping machines.

With the hope that visitors from all over the world will come to the Pressio booth, we had 2 business partners from Singapore help us (Jimmy-san, Don-san, thank you so much!)
The range and number of visitors to the Pressio booth exceeded our expectations, with visitors from Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia, North America, South America… They showed their strong interest in the products that we are proud of.Thank you all so much!!

A lot of the people who saw our sorting machine were impressed with its processing speed and accuracy, regardless of whether they had seen a sorting machine before.

One of the key features of our sorting machines is that they can sort “different sizes, types and shapes of paper” together.
They are extremely useful for companies that want to sort different types of paper.
You can sort NCR’s today, flyers tomorrow, and booklets the day after. This helps improve utilization, and ends up improving your cost benefit.

The folding table, which is a unique feature of Pressio’s sorting machines, was also popular.

Because it can be used in the outer jackets, which is unique to Asia, many visitors were extremely interested in our demonstrations.

Please visit the following website for details on the features:

Our wrapping machines were also extremely popular. Even among women and children!
Because the machines wrap paper very simply and with a good rhythm, there was one time when a child was playing with the machine for about 10 minutes.
That is how easy Pressio’s wrapping machines are to use.

The machines can wrap not only newspapers and magazines, but samples as well. Many visitors were interested in the value-add advertising effect.
Another attraction is the fact that it can wrap between 3,500-4,500 packs in an hour on average, despite the compact size.

You can use Pressio’s sorting machine to make the outer jacket, and then use the wrapping machine to wrap it together with a sample. Many visitors were interested in such new marketing methods.

We have more details on the following website:

Some visitors actually brought samples with them.
There were numerous occasions where we conducted demos at the Pressio booth, with everyone watching…(It made me quite tense, but I was glad the demos went well…)

If you would like to have tests conducted using actual samples, please feel free to talk to us about it.

Send us a sample, and we will immediately conduct tests, and report back to you with video footage.
(If it is difficult for you to send us a sample, please inform us of the details of how the trial should be conducted, and we will prepare similar samples and report back to you with video footage of the results.)Please feel free to contact us!

So many visitors dropped by at the Pressio booth during the exhibition. I exchanged more than 200 name cards, and was about to run out of cards!

As part of our way of saying thanks, we will regularly send notifications to those that visited our booth, about what Pressio has been up to recently.
Please look forward to information about our new products, new ways to use our products, as well as campaigns.

P.S. When in Beijing, one wants to enjoy “Peking duck”!
As a reward for ourselves after our efforts at the exhibition, we enjoyed great Peking duck on the last night (please don’t tell our CEO…)
We are already looking forward to visiting those we met at the exhibition, and enjoying local food together.

We look forward to your continued support to Pressio.

Kenta Kanamori

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