Case Studies of Collating Machine for Mail Order Industry

on October 27, 2021

Pressio collating machines are useful in the mail order, delivery and logistics industries.

If a leaflet or catalog is included in a mail order box, many consumers will pay attention to it and read it. From a marketing perspective, it is a very effective cross-selling measure.
Mail order companies can utilize Pressio collating machines for their cross-selling strategies, at the same time, delivery and logistics companies can propose and utilize it to the mail order company as a new service.


< Conventional situation >

Nowadays, many consumers frequently use mail order for their shopping, but at the same time, with so many online shops and too many product lines, consumers often miss other products related to the ones they buy.
In other words, in many cases, mail order and online shops are not able to cross-sell effectively.

Conventional situation



< If you use Pressio machine >

Delivery companies and logistics companies could combine all advertisements, such as flyers, leaflets, and catalogs, into one set with Pressio collating machine, bundle it with the purchased item, and deliver it to consumer.
By doing so, the delivery and logistics companies could propose this bundle service to mail order companies as a new promotion to encourage cross-selling.




< What kind of benefits are there? >

From mail order company’s view

-Can promote cross-selling.
-Can acquire more repeat customers because for the customers there are more ads related to the purchased items.
-If other mail order companies request to include their ads as well, it will be an additional income.


From delivery/logistics companies’ view

-Can propose this service to mail order companies as a new promotion.
-Can differentiate from other delivery/logistics companies by starting this new service.
-Can offer similar services to other industries in addition to mail order companies, such as collating exhibition catalogs and collating ads for cinemas and theaters.


From consumer’s view

-Can get all the information, ads, related to the product he/she ordered.
-Can prevent missing out of opportunities of buying products they want.


With this new service, everyone, mail order companies, delivery/logistics companies and consumers, will be satisfied.


< YouTube videos of Pressio wrapping machine and Pressio collator >

Pressio collator


Pressio wrapping machine



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