What is the “ wrapping machine “ ?

September 02, 2016

What is the “ wrapping machine “ ?

Our wrapping machine can accurately wrap pile of papers by plastic film in a short time.

If your business is about distribution of pile of papers like Newspapers, Flyers, DM and leaflets, our wrapping machine will be able to provide you with a new service possibility.

For example,
In Japan, a lot of Japanese newspaper companies usually wrap the newspapers by plastic film for waterproof when it rains.
It’s because many Japanese subscribers hate to reading the books or newspapers soaked with rain.

And if you’d like to appeal to sponsors the additional marketing value on your advertisement, I’d like to suggest that you wrap your books , flyers or newspapers with some freebies by our plastic film. Many sponsors will be able to approach many consumers directly via your additional marketing service. We have 2 types of wrapping machines as follows,
1- Upright inserting type : RV-9
2- Flat inserting type : RV-8

And our wrapping machine can wrap 80 ~ 85 sets / min as Max.

If you’re interested in our collator, please please feel free to contact to us.

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