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Collator(sorting machine)for CCP(Carbonless Copy Paper)

July 29, 2016

In the show-room of Pressio Asia in Singapore, we conducted a demonstration of our Collator 2100TZ-SC for CCP( Carbonless Copy Paper) with our customer in Singapore by using their actual samples.

Even though they used our collator for the first time, it was not long before they got used to it. Actually our machine is very easy to operate and can correspond to English and Chinese.

For the amount of 20,000 sets, we were able to collate ( gather / arrange ) individual CCP(Carbonless Copy Paper ) for just 6 hours.

This customer said that their conventional machine usually takes more than 16 hours to collate ( gather / arrange ) the same amount of 20,000 sets, therefore if they use Pressio’s collator, they would be able to reduce their lead time and costs dramatically. The customer was really astonished and satisfied with the performance. There was surely no scratch and no double feeders.

We’re also really happy to hear that.

Thank you.

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