sorting machine

Key features

Key features

Key features

1.Can sort/collate papers of different sizes, materials and shapes, as well as already-folded paper.

2.Capable of sorting/collating a variety of papers in small lots.

3.Low cost, easy maintenance and uses less space compared to conventional large machines.

4.Various operations/controls (including multiple-bin operations) are possible, based on the user’s needs.

What is “Collating” and “Sorting”?

“Collating / sorting” refers to the process of picking sheets of paper from several different stacks of paper, and bundling them into a set. By using our machines, clients can dramatically shorten the time it takes, while improving accuracy, compared to manual work.


  • Calendars

    Sorting calendars (with covers) using 13 bins is easy, when using a sorter with 19 or more bins.

  • NCR (Non Carbon Paper)
    CCP (Carbonless Copy Paper)

    Capable of sorting NCR / CCP, used for receipts etc., without damaging them.

  • Flyers, leaflets, advertisement brochures

    Capable of sorting flyers, leaflets, advertisement brochures etc. of different sizes (A5〜A3), materials and forms (folded once, folded twice) into one set.

  • Catalogues

    Can sort catalogues with samples attached to them (e.g. curtain fabric).


Folded paper

Our sorting machines can also sort the following types of folded paper.

Half fold / 4-page

Half fold / 4-page

Letter fold / arrel fold /tri fold

Letter fold /
barrel fold /tri fold

6-page accordion

6-page accordion

8-page parallel / double parallel

8-page parallel /
double parallel


We will respond flexibly and promptly to various paper sorting / collating needs.
Please send us a sample, and we will test whether our product can process it, and get back to you. Please feel free to contact us.

Examples of
our machines in use

  • Case 1:Singapore

    Client sector:Printing company
    Product:2100TZ-SC / collating machine
    Application:Collating of Non Carbon Papers

  • Case 2:China

    Client sector:Printing company
    Product:2100TZ-SC / collating machine
    Application:Collating of booklet and sticker



TZR-SN Basic model
(integrated with lifter)
TZR-SH Basic model
No. of bins 25,23,21 25,23,21 25,23,21,19,11
Paper aligning function
Integrated with lifter
Multiple-feed prevention bar
Multiple-feed prevention sheet
Multiple-feed detection sensor Optional Optional Optional


Paper aligning function (TZR-SC)

The aligning function, which aligns the sorted / collated sets (flyers, etc.), allows users to move to the next step efficiently and with precision.

Lifter-integrated model

Has a lifter integrated in the machine, which lifts the sorted /collated sets to hip height.
By automatically lifting up the sets, significantly eases the burden on the operator’s back/hip, as well as improving productivity.

Multiple-feed prevention bar

Pressio’s original technology to prevent unintended multiple feeds (1)
(Standard feature in all models).

This is Pressio’s original technology, to prevent multiple feeds. We innovated the multiple feed prevention mechanism, which used to rely on pins, and used the “multiple feed prevention bar” shown on the right to push the paper from above and prevent multiple feeds.

Multiple-feed prevention sheet

Pressio’s original technology to prevent unintended multiple feeds (2)
(Standard feature in all models).

The multiple-feed prevention sheet can be easily placed/removed from the machine, and can be used by operators who are not accustomed to sorting machines.

detection sensor (optional)

For the unlikely event of a multiple feed occurring.

The machine will immediately stop when a multiple-feed is detected. The operator can resume operations once the multiple-fed paper is found, based on the error message shown on the monitor.

※The multiple-feed prevention and detection functions do not guarantee complete accuracy.


Product name 2500TZR-SC/SN 2300TZR-SC/SN 2100TZR-SC/SN 2500TZR-SH 2300TZR-SH 2100TZR-SH 1900TZR-SH 1100TZ-SH
Number of binds 25 23 21 25 23 21 19 11
Processing speed 5,400to
5,700 to 8,400 sets / hour 5,400to
Operation Monitor 8 inch monitor (touchscreen)
Size of paper that can be processed Post card (90mm x 107mm) to A3 size (297mm x 420mm)
Dimensions (mm) H 2,127 2,002 1,877 2,127 2,002 1,877 1,752 1,877
W 1,195 980 955
D 1,405 1,270 1,139
Weight (kg) 510 480 450 460 430 400 370 300
Power source AC 100V 50/60Hz
Electricity usage (w) Main unit 1,125 1,050 975 1,000 1,000 950 900 400
lifter 300 300 300


Q1:Can sorting / collating machines be operated by operators without much experience?
Is technical knowledge/experience required?

A1:There is no need for technical knowledge or experience. When installing our machines,Pressio or Pressio’s distributor conducts training which lasts around 3 days, giving clients’ operators knowledge about almost all the functions and operations of the sorting / collating machine.

Q2:Is regular maintenance required?

A2:Consumables such as the rubber rolls and chips need to be adjusted/replaced regularly.
By signing up with our maintenance contract, either through Pressio or our distributor, clients gain access to regular maintenance, replacement of consumables, and responses to any unexpected events.

Q3:What kind of consumables are necessary?
How often do they need to be replaced?

A3:The main consumables are the rubber rolls and chips.
We recommend rubber rolls to be replaced after 500,000 rotations.Chips should be replaced with every 1-2 million rotations, but the extent of wear-and-tear depends on the quality/thickness of the paper collated, so please consult us for more information.

Q4:What kind of mechanism is used to sort / collate the paper?

A4:The friction between wide rubber rolls and chips is used.
This is the result of more than 40 years of R&D, with the goal of stably sorting papers of various types and qualities.

Optional items


Lifts up automatically the sorted / collated sets to hip height.
Relieves the operator from back pains, as well as improving productivity.
It can be operated in conjunction with the main machine. By fully linking its operations with the main machine itself, the lifter will automatically lift the collated sets, and once the sets are removed following the lift-up, the operations of the machine are resumed automatically.

※ This product is an optional product for model TZR-SH.
TZR-SC and TZR-SN already have a lifter integrated with the main machine.


Pressio’s BT is small in size, but can align papers speedily, thanks to its ability to generate large volumes of wind at high pressures.
By reinforcing the dust-prevention capabilities of the air outlet, high performance is maintained while minimizing breakdowns.


We will respond flexibly and promptly to various paper sorting / collating needs.
Please send us a sample, and we will test whether our product can process it, and get back to you. Please feel free to contact us.

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