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Printing company in China /
Collator(sorting machine)for CCP Booklet , sticker

The client is a global scale printing company based in Guangzhou China.
We sincerely thank them tor contacting us via our website.

The client is famous among Japanese companies as well, hence we are honored that they are using our machines and feeling higher satisfaction.

Their operators are all Chinese people, thus we prepared for the operation and maintenance manuals in Mandarin Chinese beforehand. And I speak Mandarin Chinese as well.

They said as follows.
Before using our sorting machine, they worked ( collated Booklets, stickers and catalogs with freebies)
completely manually.

They said, it’s because,,,,,

  1. Conventional collators almost don’t work properly for various types of papers.
    • Booklet is too thick compared to copy papers.
    • Stickers is hard compared to…
    • Catalog paper with freebies can’t be used because paper jams occur easily.
  2. Heavy machineries(collators) are too expensive, and besides maintenance costs are also high.

Actually our paper sorting machine can be used with a variety of papers ( size,
material, folded ), and the price and maintenance cost are also NOT expensive.
That’s why they decided to purchase our machine. Thanks a lot. Our machine has error detection function, thus their operation quality has also improved.

Their operators (young women ) had not used similar machines at all in the past,
however they have become used to our machines after only 2 days.

When I was leaving their factory, I saw that a very cute character’s sticker was affixed to our machine. I felt it meant they already got to like our machines.

Thanks for your loving our machine!
We’re really happy!

Thank you.

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