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on April 11, 2022

Recently we have been receiving many inquiries regarding wrapping machine for A4 size samples. Today we uploaded a new blog article about it on Pressio website.
(A4 size is 25.7cm x 36.4cm, 8.27inch x 11.69inch)

The wrapping machine RV-iX(s) which is posted on our website is designed mostly for larger paper size (29.5cm x 40.5cm, 11.59inch x 15.91inch). Therefore when you try to wrap the common A4 size samples with our Pressio wrapping machine, there has been always a gap between the adhesive part of the film and the paper samples.

We’ve been receiving strong demands of wrapping machine for A4 size from companies which frequently use A4 size paper for instruction manuals, documents, etc.

Due to such circumstances, we strongly requested our development department, and we are delighted to release a wrapping machine compatible with A4 size.

For actual wrapped sample, please see the photo below.

wrapping image

Despite the fact it’s not totally an automatic process because you need to put the paper samples by hand, it can still wrap 60-70 samples per minute which allows you to wrap about 3,600-4,200 sets in an hour.

In addition, it can handle both thin and thick paper samples and doesn’t need any mechanical adjustment. All you have to do is insert the sample and it’s wrapped.
This allows anyone, including less experienced staff, to handle our wrapping machine without any issues.

Below is the link of YouTube which shows how the wrapping is done.



Currently we are receiving many inquiries regarding Pressio wrapping machine from the mail-order industry, logistics industry, and printing industry. Our wrapping machine could cover various kinds of samples including instruction manuals for home appliances, shared documents in the factory, confidential documents within the company, ads, etc.It is not suitable for thick items like dictionaries but it could wrap anything that is as thick as 20mm.


The cutting heater is the part that needs maintenance and is consumable. Since the plastic film is melted and adheres by heat, it is necessary to clean and replace the cutting edge on a regular basis. The timing of cleaning and replacement depends on the frequency and amount of wrapping being done.Some customers are worried about this maintenance procedures, but it is very easy to handle and no need worry.
There is also a video in English which shows the maintenance of our wrapping machine.


The Pressio wrapping machine is not too large in size which saves your work space and also it is easy to move because it has a stand with casters.
You can easily move and place the machine in the warehouse when not using it.
Also you can start using the machine in about 5 minutes after you press the power switch.


As you can see from the above photo of the sample, though it is translucent you can still see the content inside the wrapper.
We recommend the genuine film made by the manufacturer. It is only about 8μthick, but its durability is excellent that you cannot tear it easily when pulled by hand.


We have mentioned various features of our wrapping machine, and if you are interested by any means, feel free to contact us.

If you could send the paper samples to Pressio factory, we would conduct an experiment like the demonstration described here, and would send you the results with photos and videos.

Please do not hesitate to contact us.


< YouTube videos of Pressio wrapping machine >


If you’re interested in our products, please please feel free to contact us.

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