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Newspaper company in Australia /
Wrapping machine for newspapers and catalogs

August 24, 2016

The client is one of the major newspaper companies in Victoria, Australia.
We sincerely thank them for contacting us via our website.

Even though they had never actually seen and checked the performance of our wrapping machine RV-8 in advance,
they decided to choose our RV-8.
Thanks so much!

We were told that they would like to wrap their high-class newspaper by plastic film in order to build an excellent brand image.
They usually wrap more than 15,000 newspapers every week.

In fact, they had already tried using other wrapping machines ( of our competitors) before.
However they said that Pressio’s wrapping machine (RV-8) provided them with higher satisfaction compared to other wrapping machines, pointing out the following strengths:

  • RV-8 has longer duration.
  • The newspaper does not get curled up, making it easy to read
  • The processing speed is really fast.
  • RV-8 has the exclusive stand, thus operators don’t hurt their lower backs.
  • RV-8 has the exclusive special attachment, thus operators can insert newspapers into the main body easily and quickly.

We had prepared for some kinds of videos ( about how to set it up, as well as maintenance) on Youtube. They could set-up RV-8 by themselves and operate it properly via these videos.

They always say ” My kid (RV-8) is good “,
we’re deeply grateful to hear that every time.

Thanks a lot!

Thank you.

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