Pacprint (Melbourne) 2017

July, 2017

G’ day mate !

Hello, everyone!

Today, I will update you on the “PacPrint 2017 in Melbourne”, held in May, which Pressio participated in.

PacPrint is the largest printing & wrapping exhibition in Australia, held once every 4 years. It is a big event with several hundred attendees each time, and with the encouragement from one of our key clients, we decided to exhibit our sorting and wrapping machines!

With many visitors from all over Australia expected to visit the Pressio booth, our important clients Mr. Glenn Robinson and Mr. Jeremy Blake offered their full support to Pressio. Thank you so much!

Mr. Robinson and Mr. Blake conducted presentations and demonstrations for us at the Pressio booth, and introduced us to numerous companies.

Visitors were impressed when we told them that they were actually our customers.

Mr. Robinson and Mr. Blake, thanks mate!

With PacPrint being the largest exhibition in Australia, many visitors came to the Pressio booth. Thank you for your interest in the products we are so proud of!

We had visitors who were actually encountering problems with the above issues, and we have received numerous inquiries even after PacPrint was over.

We have details on the following website, so please take a look!

As for the wrapping machines, Mr. Blake, who is our customer, explained the key features, the benefits of introducing the machines, together with demonstrations, based on his own experience.
Thanks to his passionate presentations, many visitors stopped by at the Pressio booth. His words were so persuasive, because he actually uses our machines.
Visitors were listening in intently to Mr. Blake’s presentations.

Many visitors voiced their intention to wrap newspapers and magazines. Pressio’s wrapping machines are somewhat different from traditional wrapping machines. With Pressio, you don’t have to roll the newspapers and magazines!
You can resolve the long-standing problem of the documents becoming “hard to read” for the readers.

We have details on the following website, so please take a look!

Send us a sample, and we will immediately conduct tests, and report back to you with video footage.
(If it is difficult for you to send us a sample, please inform us of the details of how the trial should be conducted, and we will prepare similar samples and report back to you with video footage of the results.)
Please feel free to contact us!

During the exhibition, so many people paid us a visit at the Pressio booth.
Everyone was so cheerful and friendly, coming up to us saying “G’day mate”, and we took an instant liking to Australia!
We are looking forward to getting to know and doing business with many Australian companies.

As part of our way of saying thanks, we will regularly send notifications to those that visited our booth, about what Pressio has been up to recently.
Please look forward to information about our new products, new ways to use our products, as well as campaigns.

P.S. Australia is famous for “Aussie Beef” and “Shiraz”.
I was so happy during my stay, being able to enjoy tasty meat and wine almost every night! (I came to Australia to work, of course…) With the season being autumn, the trees in the streets were beautifully coloured, and I ended up taking photos everywhere.
My only regret was the fact that Flinders Street Station was undergoing renovation. I hope to see it in its beautiful state next time!

We look forward to your continued support to Pressio.

Kenta Kanamori

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