Wrapping Machine


Flat wrapping

  • Safe and easy to place paper in machine
  • The newspaper does not get curled up, making it easy to read
Flat wrapping

Pressio’s machine can wrap papers with semi-transparent plastic film

Standard dimensions of material wrapped by Pressio’s machines:

Easy air-hole adjustment

  • Can switch between with/without air-holes with the push of a button
  • When in “without air-holes” mode, fully airtight and water proof
  • When in “with air-holes” mode, excess air flows through the air-hole, so the wrapped newspapers can be stacked stably, without toppling over.
Easy air-hole adjustment

Stand (for RV-8)

  • Easy to take out newspaper after it is packed
  • Wheels allow easy movement
Stand (for RV-8)

Low noise

  • Motor-driven, causing little noise

Stable loading

  • Loading at the height of the hip, allowing easy handling to the next process
Stable loading


  • Newspapers: prevents newspapers from getting wet from rain, sprinklers, etc.

  • Flyers and advertisements: wrap several advertisement flyers together to form a set of flyers.

    Flyers and advertisements
  • Freebies: wrap freebies such as teabags and shampoo, together with paper flyers.



Case study: Australia

Client sector:Newspaper company
Product:RV-8 / wrapping machine
Application:Wrapping of newspaper with plastic film

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Case study: Australia


RV8 (horizontal)

RV8 (horizontal)

RV9 (vertical)

RV9 (vertical)

Original film

Please use our original film, in order to maximize the performance of RV-8 and RV-9.

Characteristics, etc.

  • Uses 2 rolls at a time. Wraps around 4,000 units.
  • Each box contains 4 rolls, and each roll is 1,200 meters long.
  • There is also a long-type film, to be used when wrapping thick material.

Product specifications

RV-8 with the stand
(data for stand on the right)
Stand(for RV-8) RV-9
Direction for inserting paper Horizontal ---- Vertical
Processing speed 65 to 80 sets per minute ---- 70 to 85 sets per minute
Size and thickness of material that can be packaged 295 x 410mm at a maximum,
0.2mm to 23mm in thickness
---- 275 x 410mm at a maximum,
0.2mm to 30mm in thickness
Film to be used Pressio film (HDPE) ---- Pressio film (HDPE)
Exterior size H 473mm 655mm 950mm
W 660mm 660mm 660mm
D 476mm 470mm 320mm
Weight 50kg 20kg 70kg
Power sources AC100V 50-60hz ---- AC100V 50-60hz
Electricity consumption 540w ---- 520w


What size/thickness can it wrap?


Size: Up to xxx mm/xxx mm
Thickness: Up to 30 mm

What is the wrapping speed?


Standard speed of 3,900 packages per hour (4,800 packages per hour at maximum)

How many packages can be processed from the rolls


4,000 packages / 2rolls, 8,000 packages from 1 box


We will respond flexibly and promptly to film wrapping needs. Please send us a sample, and we will test whether our product can process it, and get back to you. Please feel free to contact us.

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