PacPrint International in Bangkok

Hello, Pressio fans!

Today, I will introduce the “PacPrint International 2017 in Bangkok”, which we participated in in late September.

PacPrint is the largest printing and packaging exhibition in south-east Asia, held once every 2 years. Each time, numerous companies attend. It is truly an “International” event, with visitors from all over the world. This time, the main participant from Pressio was our business partner “Pressio ASIA”, and we exhibited our sorters and packaging machines.

Because Pressio ASIA is based in Singapore, we were able to participate as a member of the “Singapore Pavilion”. Thanks to this, we were able to set up our booth in a very well-located spot, and were able to promote Pressio’s sorters and packaging machines to many end users as well as potential distributors.

Thanks again to Jimmy-san, Lester-san, Don-san and Diana-san from Pressio ASIA! (Diana, who is Don’s wife, took time off her holiday, and passionately and tirelessly introduced Pressio products to visitors. Thank you so much!)

And I would also like to thank Eric, one of the staff members of the Singapore Pavilion, for his wonderful support. Thank you!

I guess your warm smiles and passion got across to the visitors, making it a very busy and meaningful event for us. Personally, I am convinced that our booth was the No. 1 booth in the event!

With PacPrint being the largest of such events in south-east Asia, we had visitors from a diverse range of countries visit the Pressio booth. Asia of course, as well as Europe, Africa, the Middle East, North and South America… We also heard some Japanese, which made me feel somewhat at home. Some of the visitors that we got to know in this event immediately came to visit Pressio’s factory after they returned to their home countries. I am always impressed by the passion, energy and speed of our international clients.

As for our sorting machines, a lot of visitors already knew about them.

However, as all of you Pressio fans are already aware, Pressio’s sorting machines are quite different from traditional collators. When I showed them the differences using actual machines in demonstrations, visitors seemed extremely surprised. Many visitors were interested in the fact that Pressio’s sorters can sort papers of different sizes, materials, and even booklets at the same time, which means that all sorting operations can be covered by introducing a single Pressio machine.

In terms of pricing, a lot of visitors seemed to understand the rationale for our pricing, and got the impression that Pressio is quite reasonably priced. We met visitors who were facing difficulties in their paper-related operations, and they frequently contact us after PacPrint.

We have a lot of information about our machines in the following URL, so please take a look!

What about our packaging machines?

We introduced how our machines can package not only newspapers and magazines, but also samples of new products. We also introduced the new lineup of packaging machines. Unfortunately the actual machine was not ready for the event, but we introduced samples and videos, which were very popular. All we did was introduce the functions of our machines, and the visitors did the rest. They used their imaginations to think about what they would like to package, and how they would like to use our machines. This was a great learning process for us, too! Pressio will respond flexibly to your ideas and requests, so please feel free to contact us. We have a lot of information about our machines in the following URL, so please take a look!

We also had many candidates for distributors, saying “We want to sell Pressio products!”

“I didn’t know such a machine existed!” “This machine can solve my client’s problems!”
“Why didn’t you promote your machines internationally until now?”

We got many passionate comments and feedback. Apologies for the somewhat weak communication internationally until now.
We will make sure to get our messages across going forward!

I’m sure end users can be hesitant in suddenly introducing unfamiliar machines. I totally understand.
But rest assured. If you can send us a sample of what you would like to package, we will immediately conduct tests, and get back to you with a video report. If it is difficult for you to send us a sample, please tell us the conditions of the sample in detail, and we will find a similar sample in Japan, and give you video report feedback.Please feel free to contact us!

During the event, so many people dropped by the Pressio booth. Everyone was genuinely interested in our products and our explanations. The event was a great opportunity to feel the warmth and kindness of the people in Asia. Actually, Thailand is famous for being the country of smiles. We look forward to meeting many more Asian companies in the future!

As part of our gratitude, we will regularly send information from Pressio to visitors who came by the Pressio booth. Please look forward to hearing from us about new products, new applications, campaigns, etc. etc.!

P.S. When in Thailand, one must try Thai food and Chang beer! Until now, I only knew Singha beer, but because the waiter kept recommending Chang beer, I tried it, and it was amazing! Chang beer, after a hard day’s work at the exhibition, was very rewarding (that was not the main purpose of me attending the exhibition, by the way)
Among the different Thai food dishes, Tom yam kung was the most popular. We were ordering it every day, because it is a unique taste that we cannot get in Japan. My only regret is the fact that I was not able to visit the Grand Palace, one of the great architectures of the world. Maybe next time, when I have some free time.

Thank you for your continued interest in Pressio!

November 10, 2017 Kenta Kanamori

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