Company Profile

Pressio has been manufacturing a diverse range of automation machines, with sorting machines and wrapping machines at the core of our offering, for Japanese newspaper agents for more than half a century, since our founding in 1950. Our products are in operation almost daily, with the few newspaper holidays as the exception, under extremely harsh conditions. Together with the technology in our products, we have built up our maintenance capabilities, which is crucial for sustained use by our customers.

Through our business with newspapers, and due to the high level of technique required in wrapping papers of different thicknesses and sizes, we have been able to accumulate diverse expertise in relation to “paper”. We are making full use of this expertise, and are continuing to evolve ourselves into “Paper Professionals”.

Even as we expand out of “newspapers” and into other domains, our core principle remains unchanged. We continue to think about what we can do for our customers, and when they face challenges, we want Pressio to be the first thing that comes to their minds. Our goal is to become a company that is “crucial to society”.

Corporate history

1950 Founding of the company in Nagoya.
1976 Started manufacturing and selling sorting machines to newspaper agents
1991 Started manufacturing and selling wrapping machines to newspaper agents
1992 Started manufacturing and selling inserting machines to newspaper agents
2009 Changed company name to “Pressio”.
Relocated headquarters to Tokyo
2010 Completion of new factory
2013 Started manufacturing and selling the latest model “TZ-S” sorting machine
2014 Started manufacturing and selling the horizontal wrapping machine “RV-8”
2014 Started manufacturing and selling the vertical wrapping machine “RV-9”

Corporate data

Company name Pressio Ltd
Founded December 5, 1950
Executive officers Chief Executive Officer: Takashi Otani
Senior Vice President: Tadashi Konya
Headquarters Shinagawa NSS 8F, Konan 2-13-31, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Zip code: 108-0075

Main factory:Hanasakidai 2-901-2, Moriyamaku, Nagoya-shi, Aichi,Japan
Sheet metal factory:Imatoukoudori 105, Kaniecho, Amagun, Aichi, Japan

Capital 1,999,000,000 yen
Major products
Number of employees 169 (as of June 2016)



Main factory

Sheet metal factory




Contact information

We will respond flexibly and promptly to various paper sorting and film wrapping needs. Please send us a sample, and we will test whether our product can process it, and get back to you. Please feel free to contact us.

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