The convenient multi-bin function

Today, I will introduce another, rather attractive feature of Pressio’s collators. Please make sure to check it out!

I’m sure you have felt, at some point in the past when using traditional collators, “Oh, I have to refill the collator with paper, because it’s going to run out soon…” Otherwise, the machine will stop.

This can be quite irritating.
It may be fine if you have a person dedicated to paper-refilling operations. But refilling can be quite burdensome when there is only one staff, sorting let’s say 9 different papers, without stopping the machine. In many cases, the operator is looking after not only the sorting machine but other machines at the same time. Which makes it quite common for the collator to stop frequently due to lack of paper, and this can be quite irritating.

Also, with Pressio’s collators, you can sort 140 sets in a minute, and the processing speed is very fast.

But please don’t worry!
Pressio’s collators are equipped with an attractive function that solves the paper-refilling problem. This is the multi-bin function.

This is a function where you set the same flyer in several slots, and if a certain slot runs out of paper, the collator automatically switches to another slot (which has the same flyer) and starts taking paper from that new slot.

So, when you are sorting only a few different types of paper, you can allocate 4 slots to each paper, and use the multi-bin function.

By doing this, the operator does not have to worry about the collator any more, and focus on the other machines.
And, even if an error occurs, Pressio collators have error detectors installed, and stop automatically, so there will be no errors that go unnoticed!

What do you think?
Aren’t Pressio products really user friendly?

There are still many more fantastic features to Pressio collators.
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December 8 , 2017 Kenta Kanamori