Pressio collators can offer Non-Stop Operations

Today, I would like to introduce one of the unique features of Pressio’s collators.

Non-stop Operation
This seems to be very attractive, especially for those who are used to existing collators. When I introduce this feature in demonstrations at trade exhibitions or in client discussions, most people seem genuinely surprised.

I’m sure those of you who have been using traditional collators are very familiar. When you want to refill paper, you always have to stop the machine, right? You stop the machine, refill the paper, and then push the start button again.

Yes, and because you have become so used to this process that you may not notice any more, but you are having to stop the machine each time you refill paper. This can be quite burdensome, and it is one of the main reasons why you cannot shorten your lead times.

But, when you use Pressio’s collators,
“You don’t have to stop the machine when refilling paper.”
This is what we mean by “Non-Stop Operation”.

I think the photo will give you a better idea.
With Pressio collators, the bins or feeders with feed the paper are slanted, at an angle.
Therefore, by setting the new paper from below, you can refill the machine without stopping operations.

Let’s say, with a traditional collator, you have to stop operations for 1 minute each time you refill. If you stop the machine 20 times a day, that’s 20 minutes. Pressio machines can sort 140 sets in a minute. This means, there is an opportunity loss of 2,800 sets!

Actually, traditional collators can only process at about half the speed of Pressio’s machines, meaning that the actual difference is about 6,000 sets. This is a big difference that cannot go unnoticed!

“It’s difficult to set the paper from below”??
Please, rest assured.
Pressio is always on the side of beginners using our machines.
We have a special attachment, to remove any such concerns.
By using this attachment, you will be able to achieve Non-Stop Operation from day one!

What do you think?
Aren’t Pressio products really user friendly?

There are still many more fantastic features to Pressio collators.
If interested, please come and take a look at our website.

And, please feel free to contact us with questions about our products, pricing, etc.

We hope our products can serve you well in your operations.

December 1 , 2017 Kenta Kanamori