Pressio’s products are easy to start, operate and store

Let me talk about another feature of Pressio’s products today.

The “easy” aspect explained in the title is actually quite important, but it can be overlooked.

Let’s look at each step.

Easy start:
With a Pressio product, all you have to do is turn on the power, and you can use it immediately. There are no burdensome adjustments which you have to spend 30 minutes doing. You do not have to be a specialized engineer to be able to use it. Just plug it in, turn on the power, and it is ready to go.

Easy operation:
It may be hard to imagine, by looking at this sturdy and robust machine, but many of the operators of our machines are women, students, as well as the elderly. You do not need expert knowledge to use our machines.

Easy storage:
With its caster wheels, the machines can easily be moved around by a single operator after they are turned off. When not using the machine, you can easily move it to the corner of the room, and make best use of the remaining space in the room.

In my previous blog post, I explained how Pressio’s products can be used simultaneously for papers of different sizes, materials and shapes, and therefore can be used for various different types of projects. Do you remember?
Our sorting machine can sort CCP well?

Because our machines can be used for different projects, it means that you will be “starting, operating and storing” our machines for each project. With large machinery, this can be quite burdensome. But with Pressio, you are OK. It can be started easily, operated easily, and stored easily. And, all this can be done by an operator who doesn’t have specialized technical knowledge.

What do you think?
Aren’t Pressio products really user friendly?

There are still many more fantastic features to Pressio collators. If interested, please come and take a look at our website.

And, please feel free to contact us with questions about our products, pricing, etc.

We hope our products can serve you well in your operations.

November 24, 2017 Kenta Kanamori