Pressio’s products are “expensive”?

Of course, the answer to that will be “NO”.

When we explain our pricing to clients in meetings and at trade exhibitions, they often say “that’s more expensive than a typical (traditional) collator”. Well, yes, maybe slightly more expensive than the traditional machines.

However, clients usually understand the slight difference in pricing when I explain the advantages of Pressio’s machines, saying “Oh, Pressio’s products aren’t that expensive!”.

Today, I will write about what I tell clients in these situations.

I often hear that international clients often “purchase 1 or 2 products for each project”. This means that if they have a calendar project, they will introduce new machines for that project. Then, if they have an NCR paper project, they will again introduce new machines.

Even if the cost of each machine is low, the total cost will end up being huge if clients keep introducing machines for each project.

This was inevitable in the past.
Traditional collators could only be used for specific purposes. You had to choose and purchase the right collator for each project.
But, please take a moment to think about this.
Pressio’s collators can sort all sorts of papers. Papers with different sizes, made from different materials, and of different shapes (folded in 2, etc.). Our collators can sort these different types of papers, all at the same time!
Whether it be a calendar, an NCR, or a booklet. With Pressio’s collators, all problems are solved!

This means, once you introduce a Pressio collator, you don’t have to buy any more collators.

What do you think? Doesn’t buying 1 Pressio collator make more sense, and bring costs down, compared to buying numerous collators?

There are still many more fantastic features to Pressio collators.
If interested, please come and take a look at our website.

And, please feel free to contact us with questions about our products, pricing, etc.

We hope our products can serve you well in your operations.

November 17, 2017 Kenta Kanamori