The operations are difficult?

October 07, 2016

The operations are difficult?

There is no need to worry about that, the structures of our machines are very simple and user-friendly.

For example, currently we have about 9,000 customers in Japan, their operators are almost ordinary students or housewives as part-time jobs.

That’s why even if you operate our machines for the first time, you’ll be able to master how to operate within 1 week probably.

In addition, we already prepared for the English instructions and the English labels, therefore you can operate intuitively.
For instance, the workers who operate for the first time would almost become used to it soon when we conduct the demonstrations for them.

Now, we’re setting up business partners in many countries, thus if you’re still worrying about that, our business partners could support you.
And, our mechanics ( of Pressio Japan ) will be able to visit your company for supporting setting up if you need.

If you’re interested in our machines, please please feel free to contact to us.

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