Individual calendar can be collated?

October 06, 2016

Individual calendar can be collated?

Of course , our collator can work properly regarding many kinds of calendars as well.

Currently, in the case of large amount( more than 100,000 sets/per day ),
many printing companies use some large-scale machines.
But on the contrary, in the case of small amount ( less than 10,000 sets/per day ),
most of them still collate individual sheets(each month) into one set(one year) manually, because the large-scale machines usually need time to prepare for the operation.
In the end, they can NOT reduce the operating lead-time and the costs.

If you were also a printing company like that, I’d like to recommend that you should try using our collating machine.
Our machine can work properly regarding many varieties of papers ( paper materials and sizes ).

Basically , only 2 workers can operate our collating machine very easily, and on my calculation, it can work more than 5,000 sets / hour.

Our collating machine is surely NOT such an expensive compared to other large-scale machines,
hence you’ll be able to reduce your operating lead-time and the costs dramatically.

If you’re interested in our collator, please please feel free to contact to us.

Refer to our Pressio's collator operation image on our Youtube.

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