Demonstration is available?

October 04, 2016

Demonstration is available?

Of course, we can conduct demonstrations for you by your actual samples.
Now, our overseas business partners have already prepared for their own show-rooms.

  • Singapore :
    Collate machine, Wrapping machine and Insertion machine

  • Malaysia :
    Collate machine and Wrapping machine

  • China :
    Collate machine

We think that it’s very important for you to confirm our product will be able to solve your operational issues, or not ,before you decide to purchase.
Our all overseas partners also have the same thoughts.

If your company is around Singapore, Malaysia or China, please fell free to contact us,
we’ll be able to arrange the demonstrations by your actual samples.

In fact, one of our customers had hoped the demonstration and we conducted it for 2 days.
After that, they were determined to purchase our collate machine with satisfaction.

Through the demonstrations, I believe that you could understand as follows,
How easy you can operate.
How easy you can do the maintenance.
How accurately our machine works.
How fast our machine works.
How much costs you can reduce your operating fee.
How many hours you can reduce your working time.

If you’re interested in our products, please please feel free to contact to us.
I’m looking forward to receive your inquiries.

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